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  I partnered in a great 182 (N759GL) a year and a half ago, and, with our partner, decided to have John check out and bring up to par our rigging. We had to fly with about a half inch (on the wheel) of left rudder trim to fly straight, and had to use aileron trim to keep the plane from peeling gently off into its own turns. Full disclosure: I am a retired automotive and motorcycle mechanic, and have always prided myself in my own 'anal-ness' when it comes to my work. I stayed and helped with the job, just to get some education into the machine, and, frankly, John made me feel sloppy in comparison.
    He replaced every single sheet metal screw he stumbled upon that should have been a machine screw; even installing new nut-serts where the threads were boogered up. The rigging was an exercise in precision and the ends justified the detail John put into it. He also installed flap gap seals, so I'm not sure exactly how much of the resulting speed increase was the seals or the correct rigging, but the plane now flies dead straight, stays solidly in turns, and is so stable that my wife thought I had the autopilot on during our return flight when I kicked back with just a finger on the yoke. Our top speed is up about 6 knots, which is a bit more than just the seals would ordinarily provide, so I KNOW the rigging improved that too.
    In short, if you like super accuracy and attention to detail in your doctors, financial planners, or mechanics, John is your man... Bob Shettel Aspen, CO

John re-rigged my Cessna 172N a year ago, and the difference is noticeable. I have owned N734GR for 8 years and for 7 of those years I have used right rudder to keep the plane on course. After the re-rig, my workload was reduced by half or more. Gone was the left turn, and the sloppy feel. The aircraft flies so well that I am rethinking the installation of an autopilot.

 Subsequently, when I added an engine monitor some six months ago, John was the only mechanic I trusted to do the job. He brought the same attention to detail for the monitor installation that I had seen on my re-rig. From clearing out old wiring, to re-running vacuum lines, and setting up the monitor, John went the 'extra-mile'. He found and corrected problems not related to my installation; things he noticed that "weren't right", he made right. When I think of John and the quality of his work, the word that comes to mind is "CRAFTSMAN" ... Mark Blackmon, N734GR, KGPM

In 2008 we had Monarch main and auxiliary installed in our 1961 182D Skylane. The installation required the wings to be removed  and re-installed. Since then I had suspected the aircraft to be somewhat "out of rig". To correct this, we took the airplane to John Efinger. John was highly recommended by the Cessna Pilot's Association. Since it was annual time anyway, John not only rigged the airplane but also completed the annual. John did a fantastic job with the rigging as the airplane now flies perfectly "hands off". John also took extreme pains to ensure that everything was correct during the annual and this included many hours of cleaning under the floor. John pointed out several discrepancies that had been overlooked for many years of maintenance, some of which were serious. I only wish we weren't based so far away from John, but we still plan on using John's services as much as we possibly can. Thanks John.

Dan & Vicki Eifert N9069X

I own a 1982 Cessna TR182. I bought it in November of 2009. As with any pre-owned aircraft, there is always an element of unknown about how the aircraft was flown. Log books give you a picture of how it was maintained but not how it was operated. I flew my plane to John’s base airport (T67) for rigging. As he started working on it he called me on daily bases and gave me an update as to his findings and progress. As his work went on, I also added more requests and he was very gracious to do his best to accommodate me. During his test flight he recognized that my plane was not performing as this model should. He contacted me and told me what he thought the problem was and that it was up to me if I wanted him to look into the possible problem. To cut a long story short his diagnoses were on the money. For example, my aircraft had been suffering from excessive oil loss. I was losing a quart of oil for about 5 hours of flight.  John’s methodical approach to the problem identified my wet vacuum pump as the problem and by changing it to a dry pump he fixed the problem. No more dripping pool of oil on the tarmac after flight. As far as performance goes he identified my other problems. He installed a new fuel pump, completely overhauled my mags and overhauled my carburetor. After his expert rigging, my plane is as stable as it comes and it absolutely leaps of the runway.  His suggestion of overhauling the above mentioned parts resulted in a decrease in fuel burn (I was burning about 15 gph with ¼ cowl flaps closed in order to keep my cylinders within the 380° F). Now my fuel flow is about 12.6 gph with cowl flaps closed ¾ and making book speed numbers. The work was first class and the communication was over and above. No work was performed without first calling and discussing it with me. No surprises when I got my invoice. Looking forward to a long relationship with John. Thank you for all the hard work John. Harmik DerSahakian

 I just got home from having John rig our 182 and feel compelled to comment on the experience.  We flew our plane to TX from Ohio just to have this done as John has the well earned reputation of being the best.  He proved it to us!

John went out of his way to make sure that our plane was well cared for including leaving his house at 3:30 in the morning to make sure it was OK during a thunderstorm.  John spent the first day making adjustment, a bit at a time until he was satisfied.  Check, re-check, etc.  By late afternoon, the plane was ready for a test flight but the weather didn't cooperate.  The following morning however, the conditions were perfect.  John and I flew the plane and I'm here to tell you that it has never flown so well.

In level flight, it flew perfectly straight, hands and feet off the controls and no need to adjust the trim other than to trim for level flight.  We then put the plane in a 20 degree bank to the left.  It stayed there with no tendency to deviate from that bank and no control inputs from me.  The same was true with a bank to the right.  I can honestly say that I've never experienced anything like this before in my 20 years of flying.

John has been rigging Cessnas for years and has truly perfected his methods into an art form.  He knows what he is doing and does it well.  I highly encourage anyone with a Cessna that doesn't fly straight to get it to John.  It is time and money well spent!  Thank you John!

Phil & Pam Sprang

Our 182 flies better now than it ever flew since we owned the plane.. I honestly was not aware that the plane could fly like this. I am not exaggerating when I say I could tell the difference the moment the plane left the ground.

1. It trims much, much faster. Before it seems like I had to make lots of adjustments and it took a while to get it trimmed. Now I can trim it very quickly.
2. It flies as well in non-smooth air as it flew in smooth air before you rigged the plane.
3. It is much more responsive to control inputs (it does what you ask it to do and does it much smoother and quicker).

It is now a pleasure to fly even when the winds are not perfect.

Thanks, Gary/Andreas

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