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I was of the opinion that I flew one of the best Cessna 185s in the country. Boy, was I surprised after my first real annual at John's shop. John found over 90 deficiencies, some of which were significant flight safety items, and all either ignored, overlooked or inappropriately fixed by the mechanics in Amarillo to whom I had entrusted my plane. Needless to say, I have had a meeting of the minds with the owner of the shop and his chief mechanic, supported by John's excellent photos and documentation. John is without question the most conscientious, competent and thorough mechanic that I have ever met, and I will never let anyone else do an annual on my airplane. In addition, John performed a complicated re-rigging of my plane, and it is now a pleasure to fly, and a much more stable instrument platform as well. I can't say enough good things about John. He is as rare as he is good.

Larry C. Roberts, MD, MA  Amarillo, TX      1977 Cessna A185F

I brought my 75 Cardinal RG in for John Efinger to do a rigging and annual. Boy! This guy knows his "stuff." If I had not brought my plane to John, I probably would have still, unknowingly, been flying an airplane not worthy of being in the sky. John found a lot of "stuff" not only in the sub-floor, but the engine compartment all the way to the end of the tail cone. There was 35 year old wiring, high grade airplane tar, corrosion, illegal homemade parts, and "stuff" left behind by other mechanics and avionics installers. I, now, have a plane that I would be proud to show to anyone, and it is all because of John Efinger. Thank you, John, for making my plane safe for me and my passengers. If only other mechanics would take as much pride and care in their work as you do, we would probably have safer aircraft and fewer mechanical failures. I HIGHLY recommend John Efinger as your next IA to do a rigging and/or annual on your Cessna. I assure you, that you will not be disappointed.  Al Boyles, Proud owner of a 1975 Cardinal RG N2725V

I  just wanted to say how pleased I was with the rigging job on my airplane. John is a wealth of knowledge and does a great job. I’ve been flying the airplane for a little over a month (25 hours) now since it was rigged and have noticed that the plane does fly about 1-2knots faster than before and flies straight and level hands off.

 On a side note, John went out of his way to drop and pick me up from the hotel. When I was unable to get a shuttle to DFW for a flight I needed to take on business during the rigging job, John brought me to the airport so I could catch my flight.  

 I would highly recommend using John and plan to use him for some additional work on my plane in the future.

 Todd W. Gibson  1972 Cessna 182P – N20966 Home Base: Shreveport Regional (SHV)

Just a very short note thank John Efinger and his mechanic Brett:  John accepted my old Cessna 182 B (1959 model with 3300 hours) for a rigging job after someone else  messed it up.  I was shocked when I picked it up and went on a test flight with John.  I've always had to use a lot of rudder to fly straight and level. 

Not only did the plane fly straight and level hands off  for the first time, it also flew almost 15 knots faster than before, with the same power settings and same alts. Approach and landings feel a whole lot more stable now.  I was considering adding an autopilot from a firm in Las Vegas when they recommended  that I call John first,  am I glad I did. 

Thanks again John.   Gene Stocker Krum Texas XA72

I had been shopping for a TR182 for a couple of years.  I found one near Corpus Christi, TX.  (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area).  I called the Cessna Pilots Association, (if you aren’t a member you should check it out!), to get the name of a competent A&P/AI in Texas.  John Frank gave me John’s name. 

It was somewhat serendipitous in that one of the things I wanted done if I purchased the plane was to get it rigged and John is a CPA recommended rigger.  John’s pre-buy is as in-depth as an annual so I ended up just having it annualed. 

The plane had somewhat of a checkered past.  John went through the plane with a fine tooth comb.  He totally rewired the panel as good, (probably better), than you would expect to see it come out of the factory.  On top of that I did an avionics upgrade at the same time as well as added a JPI 800, (You gotta have one!).  I don’t know the word to describe John…  Craftsman? Artisan?  Detective?   I just can’t describe his dedication to quality.  If he comes across something he can’t figure out he isn’t shy about calling others who may know. I guess my recommendation for John could be summed up in the fact that I’ll be making the flight to John’s shop in Fort Worth every year from the San Francisco Bay area for my annual.    WD Lewis N182WD 1979 TR182 San Carlos, CA

John is one guy that loves his work and it shows. My 1959 C-182B was checked over and rigged by John.  His detail to doing the job right, showed in the finished product. When I flew 83G home, it flew straight, hands off.  Thanks, John great work.  Wayne Lenox N2483G

This is the best money spent on an aircraft.  After the rigging it will fly like it's on autopilot.  John does a great job and is very knowledgeable in his field!!!  Thanks!!  Bob N545BL

I took my 182-P to John for an overall "sanity check" (the airplane had not been flown very much for the previous 5 years) and a persistent right wing heavy problem. John was very thorough and found one issue with the flap that could have turned into a serious problem down the road had previously gone unnoticed by more than one AP/IA's.

Several other issues were also corrected. The airplane now flies virtually hands off and I have the additional piece of mind that my 182 has been checked over in the "firewall aft" department. John's generous hospitality and friendliness were an unexpected nicety. Well worth the investment. -Dennis

John does great work and gets more done in an hour than any other GA mechanic than I have ever had work on my airplane for the 12 years I have owned it.  He has replaced a windscreen, done annuals, and rigged my airplane.  Mike Hopkins, Aero Commander 100 (Darter), N5515M, 9F9, Fort Worth, TX

I first used John a few years ago for re-rigging my plane, and I was so impressed by his work ethic and enthusiasm that I switched my annual to him. He has now done two annuals as well as a large amount of other maintenance work (replacing fuel bladders, installing EDM-800, and de-gunging the lower inside hull).

I would recommend John unequivocally and without hesitation; he does great work, refuses to provide anything less than the best service and support for his clients, and is a nice guy to boot. He epitomises what a light aviation technical professional should be; great service, wide experience and 110% commitment.  Robin Browne; Cessna 182E N3217Y, Dallas Executive (KRBD)

I signed up for one of the rigging days, Tuesday 6th, just to get someone else to look the flight controls over. The 1977 210 was flying quite nice. As soon as I pulled up to the door, John was inspecting the plane. As soon as it was inside he and Adam were making a list and opening the plane up. The next day was a real experience as they went to work. Not only did I get rigged, I got a good airframe inspection and a list of problems found, and there was more than I would have liked. But glad to know about them.

At the end of the day, their was a lot of work done and an airplane that flies nice. Both John and Adam were very good to explain what they were doing.
The only negative, if their was one, is that my time was up and had to make room for the next plane. It was time and money well spent.
Thanks  John, Thanks  Adam   Von Hunter   Cessna 210M 1977  N732ZU Conroe, TX, (CXO)

I just returned from spending three days with John & Adam at Hicks Field in Ft Worth TX,a truly "GREAT" experience! John & Adam rigged my aircraft and Adam took care of a "Nagging" nose wheel shimmy problem. Fortunately for me, the weather turned bad enough that two of the scheduled participants had to cancel and Adam & John gave me a "THREE" day education on rigging and landing gear maintaince that was worth it's weight in "GOLD!" I do all my own Mtc. on N110KM and this was two areas of concern that few A&P's totally understand.

John is the first A&P I have dealt with that is "MORE ANAL" than I am about the "Accuracy & Quality" of work on an aircraft!!! There work resulted in a very tight smooth handling aircraft that gave me 3 Knots in increased cruise performance. I would "Highly Recommend" these guys for any mtc. needs you may have. Regards, Dick Mundee  983 T-210 N110KM , Conroe, TX

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