Efinger Aviation & Maintenance is a full service maintenance facility for the single-engine Cessna aircraft line. The reason we focus on only single-engine Cessna aircraft is to ensure that everyone that works on your aircraft is model-specific trained. There are many facilities that will service various model aircraft. However, there is a unique advantage in being type-specific specializing with one product line.

We can do most service & maintenance items including: Annual Inspections, Flight Control Rigging, STC installations, Engine replacement & upgrade engine conversions, Airframe Major Repairs & Alterations, Engine Monitor Installations, Panel Refurbishment and Custom Metal Panel Fabrication, Structural Upgrades in the form of Factory Service Kits, Control Replacements and nearly all needs that pertain to maintaining and upgrading your single-engine Cessna aircraft.

Annual Inspections   *    Pre-Buy / Pre-Purchase    *    Preliminary Rigging evaluation    *    Troubleshooting various systems    *   
Aircraft Reweigh   * Structural Repairs    *    Major Repairs & Alterations    *    STC & Kit installations


Annual Inspections

Based on Aircraft Model and current Shop Rate

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Flight Control Rigging

Basic Flight Control Rigging
starting at $800.

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Engine Monitor Installations

Basic 6-Pt Installation takes aprox 2-Days

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Engine Installations

Everything from simple Engine change to Firewall Forward renovations

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